Kay Wainman – Trumpet Call: the journey

A whistle-stop journey from the mid-60’s(!) to 2011 … definitely worth listening to if you’re new to the journey, or as a keen reminder for those who have been on the journey for some time!


Richard Clark – Esther

Following the August 2011 Trumpet Call meeting, where the story of Esther and themes of intimacy and warfare and our identity as the Bride came through, Richard Clark has done some teaching from the book of Esther.

Esther provides a really helpful picture for us as we prepare ourselves to meet: She made herself attractive; Focused ALL her attention on the King, even though there was a major crisis afoot that needed to be dealt with; She did things His way; She achieved an amazing amount – being entrusted with the authority of the King’s signet ring, in order to re-write the laws.


Richard Clark – Intercessory Lessons from Exodus

The Trumpet Call journey and experience needs to be Bible-based – this teaching provides a solid grounding as to what we actually do at Trumpet Call. If you ever have any concerns or questions as to what we’re all doing, don’t hesitate to ask.



Richard Clark – Unity: its Intentional Pursuit and its Blessing

A clear call from heaven has been heard regarding our intentional pursuit of unity – this teaching grounds this pursuit Biblically, demonstrating that its central in God’s heart and plans, and it’s the place of commanded blessing.


Rachel Hickson – Regional Trumpet Call: February 2010

Morning: Prophetic song


Morning: Prophetic speech


Morning: Message


Afternoon: Introduction


Afternoon: Making soundwaves


Afternoon: Sophie’s story


Steve Goss – Freedom in Christ

Three sessions on “Setting your church free”:

Session 1


Session 2


Session 3