Trumpet Call Notes 2009

2009 Archive

  • Saturday 2 May 2009

There were no notes from this meeting, or any subsequent meetings.

  • Saturday 4 April 2009

Our meeting in April ‘moved’ once again to Queensberry. We have a sense that on the occasions this hapens it is because God is providing us with a safe place. April’s Trumpet Call was no exception. We felt that this was a time of bringing the cross into the centre of the meeting and bringing ourselves to God in surrender and worship. The morning was a personal one, with many people doing business with God as He poured Himself into His people. We felt this was part of the preparation for the things He has in store for us, both as individuals and as a City.

  • Saturday 7 March 2009

At the beginning of the meeting, Ruth reminded us that this is His meeting, and His table. She took us back gain to Revelation 4, and also shared some recent words and visions from people around the East Midlands that show Nottingham as a key ‘domino’ in God’s strategy for taking the nation. Click here to read full notes.

  • Saturday 7 February 2009

Ruth encouraged us to ‘lay things down’ such as busyness and the weights of the week, to focus on God without distraction and let Holy Spirit bring us together with one melody. We began by looking at Revelation 4 … “the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet …” Ruth also reminded us that at just the right time, Jesus the Word spoke the Word of creation (Genesis 1). Something powerful is released as God’s Word is spoken. We don’t need to add to or elaborate God’s Word. Click here to read full notes.