Trumpet Call Notes 2007

2007 Archive

  • Saturday 3 November 2007

The October meeting had ended on a high note of declaration. We had progressed from reaching out to touch Jesus the living word, through confessing areas of deadness in our lives, to a place of proclaiming resurrection life over our city and county. Today we were challenged to start where we left off last time, in a place of joy and trust in our risen Lord. Click here to read full notes.

  • Saturday 6 October 2007

The meeting began with the challenge, ‘do you trust God?’ Then, after the sounding of the trumpets and a time of worship, we were led on a journey of trust, following the story of Jesus and Jairus’ daughter. Click here to read full notes. to read full notes.

  • Saturday 1 September 2007

The September meeting focused on the river of life in Ezekiel 47, and we were all blessed by the constant stream of worship provided by the musicians and singers, which kept us in the flow of prayer throughout the meeting. Click here to read full notes. to read full notes.